Specialized Services

Specialized Services

You won’t find a more experienced team of translators and interpreters anywhere else. Global YNS has further developed special expertise by focusing on the following areas, giving our translators and interpreters a more in-depth understanding of the industries we serve—giving you an advantage to finding the right linguist for you and your audience. We offer translation, interpretation, ASL, localization, and much more language services. 


Our Specialized Services



Specialized Translation on Social Justice 

We are language experts working to ensure that all voices are heard and included in the process of community change toward social justice. We create a more inclusive community in which people can connect across differences of language, culture, race, and immigration experience.


Specialized Translation on Women’s Rights 


We are linguists who believe in the power of language and speak in favor of gender equality, non-binary and inclusive language. We challenge gendered stereotypes and change patriarchal views allowing for the female identity to be heard and become visible.


Specialized Translation on LGBTQIA+ 

We are queer translators embracing intersectionality and recognizing the entire spectrum of identities and subjectivities. Language is changing at breakneck speed, our translations ensure queer, trans, and non-binary visibility.

Specialized Translation on Not-for-profit & Activism

We are language specialists delivering affordable, effective, and compassionate language services to community-based, nonprofits organizations, foundations, and schools whose main mission is to work with communities, marginalized people, and people of color to create real change.


Specialized Translation on International Development


We are international development translators and interpreters partnering with government agencies, global organizations, and humanitarian organizations worldwide dedicated to addressing global issues.

Specialized Certified & Sworn translation


We are a team of legal, certified, and sworn translators making sure that your translation meets their specific requirements. If you’re moving abroad for work or school, chances are you will need to provide a sworn translation of official documents.



specialized translation services



Here at Global YNS, we offer superior language services. Our goal is to build connections through languages; to include people, families, and communities in more ways. We’re proud of the expertise that we have developed over the years and we have invested in our translators and interpreters to improve our language solutions. If you have any questions or would like more detailed information about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer translation, interpretation, ASL, localization, and much more language services. We would be happy to serve you!


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