Translation Services For Purpose-Driven Organizations And Nonprofits

We are translators serving nonprofits and community-based organizations.

We work with nonprofits and foundations whose primary mission is to work with communities, marginalized people, and people of color to create real change. Global YNS delivers effective and compassionate nonprofit translation services. We offer in-person and remote interpretation services.

Non Profit Trust us

We have strong ties with the local and national nonprofit organizations we serve. Before anything else, we are dedicated to helping nonprofits spread their message and increase awareness by tearing down language barriers. Reach existing and new members, stakeholders, and donors by using our nonprofit translation services.

Translators Serving Non Profits

Our highly qualified translators help you connect with the community you serve. We are subject matter experts in the field and understand that the tone and approach taken to convey a non-profit’s message are different from other industries. Most importantly, we protect the reputation and good standing of your nonprofit as you seek to reach audiences across the globe.

Bette is always Possible

In response to the challenges that the nonprofit sector faces, we offer affordable nonprofit language services along with a hassle-free and uncomplicated process without compromising quality. On top of that, we offer special discount rates to qualifying nonprofits. We offer certified document translation services.

Personalized Non Profit Translation Services

With a single phone call, we handle all of your community language service requirements so you can focus on attaining your mission and executing programs.  Above all, we meet your strict budget and timeline needs, share the  values of your nonprofit, and take pride in supporting your campaigns to make the world a better place.

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