Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services

We are glad you landed on our blog while looking for document translation services! There are hundreds of translation agencies in the market. However, the incursion of artificial intelligence (AI) disrupted the language industry. As a result, many agencies shifted to translation generated by computers, while only a few remained committed to translations produced by professional and certified translators.

GLOBAL YNS offers 100% human translation services. We follow a strict Quality Assurance process that guarantees quality and accuracy. We certify each of our translations and notarize them when required. We do not recommend using AI technology when translating important and sensitive documents. We understand you may trust Google Translate for simple sentences or directions, but expecting to get an accurate translation of a legal document, contract, IEP, flier, or report by using your preferred online translation tool is a huge mistake. The problem with machine translation is that you do not hear anything wrong until your reputation is seriously at risk, and you have lost credibility or sometimes offended your audience without even noticing it.

We offer translations made by not only translators but experts in the field. For example, a legal translator can do a fantastic job translating a divorce decree but can struggle to translate a medical or scientific document. Consequently, we have six specialized translation services.

At Global YNS, we assess your audience’s needs and the source document to select your project’s most qualified team of translators. As a result, all translation produced by GLOBAL YNS has a stamp of accuracy. In addition, we deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate translations. As a company rooted in language justice values, Global YNS’ translations use an inclusive language and recognize the entire spectrum of identities. 

We look forward to bringing your message to a broader audience. We will craft a personalized translation service solution that works for you and meet the needs of your community, clients and audience. 

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