The Intersection of Language Justice And Social Justice in Washington, DC

The Intersection of Language Justice And Social Justice in Washington, DC

Many cities in the United States have a large section of their businesses that do some, most, or all of their business internationally or run programs and services for community members whose native language is other than English. These may be online businesses or physical organizations. In some cities, including Washington, DC, a US-based company or a foreign company with a US office may need to consider the dual factors of language justice and social justice in setting up their business model, vision, and practices. 

What is Language Justice?

Language justice is a relatively new term, but it is not a new concept. It is the concept or approach that respects the fact that different people have different language backgrounds and that communication should be available to individuals in the language they prefer.

Language justice and social justice in Washington, DC, both focus on respecting and recognizing that the predominant culture, or the English language, is not the only language. Instead, both language justice and social justice strive to create a multilingual initiative that supports and encourages people to communicate in the language they choose. This language is often the language that the individual feels most comfortable and confident in using.

The Importance of Accurate Translation and Interpretation

To facilitate language justice initiatives, organizations throughout Washington, DC, must find quality certified document translation services and professional interpretation services. Translation services are used to convert the written word from one language to another. In comparison, interpretation is used to convert spoken words in one language into another, including the use of ASL interpreters for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. 

Changing policies to include social and language justice is the right thing to do as a company or business. It offers growth opportunities and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion, making your organization stand out from the competition and strengthening its position within the community.

Language justice and social justice in Washington, DC, affirms the fundamental rights of individuals and communities to language, culture, self-expression, and equal participation. When companies ground their work in the values and practices of language justice, their message, programs, and services reach more people opening doors to new members, leaders, donors, and forms of leadership. 

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