Why You Need a Human Doing Your Translation and Interpretation – And Not a Machine

Why You Need a Human Doing Your Translation and Interpretation – And Not a Machine

Even though we are in the middle of a technological boom that has made our lives so much easier in many ways, one skill that artificial intelligence hasn’t been able to match is the quality of human translation and interpretation services. Sure, some online translation tools have come a long way, but for anything more serious than ordering food at a restaurant in a foreign country, Google Translate just isn’t going to cut it.

So here are just a few reasons why you need a living, breathing human to be translating and interpreting your services.

1. Maintain client and community trust

Nothing will break a client’s trust faster than a poorly translated text. If a current or potential customer reads a translated text that is full of mistakes or just sounds unnatural, why would they want to use your service? If a client can tell that you used an AI translation tool, they’re likely to think you’ll put in the same amount of effort into all your services.

And this doesn’t only apply to businesses. For example, human translation services for schools are so important precisely because it shows students and families that the school cares about their community and is willing to make the effort to communicate with them. In the end – human translation and interpretation build trust.

2. Show that you’re a professional

High-quality translation and interpretation services are absolutely essential for any truly professional business. Think about other businesses you admire – have you ever seen them use unnatural or clunky English? Most likely not. If you want to show people that you are a professional, then human translation and interpretation services are an essential investment to make sure your voice shines through in any language. 

3. Qualified and professional translators are more accurate

A properly certified translator or interpreter will always do a more accurate and faithful translation than any machine. This is because languages have a human component to them that machines just don’t understand. A well-trained professional translator is able to deliver a far more accurate service because they understand the complexities of language, emotion, tone, irony, humor, etc. Maybe you might get lucky and the AI translation will get the gist across, but they’ll never capture your message and voice. 

4. A human touch is essential

Whether you are selling a product, working with your community, or offering any type of service, at the end of the day, who are you helping? You are helping people. This means that if you want to reach out to people, you need a human touch. So if you need live interpretation services, an automated program is not going to provide that same sense of connection as another (qualified) person will. 

Contact us for 100% human translation services

This is why Global YNS only offers 100% human translation and interpretation services. Our team will deliver error-free translations because we believe that they are crucial for businesses, law firms, non-profits, schools, and everyone in between. Standing by this belief, we also work closely with ASL interpreters both onsite and via Zoom. 

Our goal is to connect people through languages, closing the gap between communities through professional translations and interpretations. So if you need high-quality, professional translations for your business, service, or community – contact us today! We’d love to hear from you. 

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