How Language Access Affects Your Community

How Language Access Affects Your Community

Although you might not have considered it – language access gives people enormous power in society.

Think about it. As a native English speaker, how often do you struggle to read an advertisement? Or answer a phone call? Or make a doctor’s appointment?

Likely, you don’t even consider language in those daily activities because your power to do so in English is the default. But unfortunately, the power from language access isn’t granted to everyone equally. So that leaves us with two big questions:

  • What is language access? And
  • How can we use it as a tool for social justice?

Language Access Defined

Let’s be clear – language access is FAR more than translating your fliers into Spanish and other languages.

Language access means providing equal opportunities to people who speak “minority” languages in every aspect of society. And considering the USA has more Spanish speakers than the entirety of Spain – we’re using the term minority loosely.

But even though the US is a multilingual space with no official language, English is almost always considered the default.

And by placing English on a pedestal – inequality, discrimination, and even violence have a chance to breed.

So because our current system favors English, advocating for and constructing significant language access becomes a tool on the path to social justice.

How Language Justice Empowers Communities

When we shift from English-only as the dominant language, we’re able to create more welcoming and inclusive spaces.

Language justice can come in many forms. From offering after school programs in Mandarin to adding closed captioning for the deaf community – there are infinite ways you can create inclusive spaces.

These moves to welcome diversity can strengthen communities by reducing the power imbalance. By embracing each other – rather than excluding others – we’re able to lift up communities and create a more equitable society.

Ultimately, language access builds bridges, connects people, and paves the way to equality.

Incorporating Language Access in Your Organization

The truth is – it’s much easier to talk about social justice than it is to make it become a reality. And while your organization might not completely change the world, there are concrete steps you can take to make your community more accessible.

Because like we mentioned – language access is more than translating a flier. If you have a local shop and you create some Spanish-language fliers – but then none of your employees speak Spanish… then what’s the point?

But that’s where we come in to help.

At Global YNS, we’re passionate about language access and the power it has to benefit your organization, your community, and the world. We’ll do more than just deliver excellent translations – we can guide you on your journey to creating a more accessible community.

Our goal is to break down language barriers between institutions and individuals. This allows community members to show up, participate, and truly engage on an equal playing field. From multi-language translations to having American Sign Language interpreters available, there are many ways you can invest in your community.

Learn More About Language Access

Language is completely inseparable from identity. If a society rejects a language – they are dehumanizing an entire community.

Together, we can reverse this. We’ll help your organization become more inclusive. And our human translation services are just the first step.

Reach out to us through our contact form and learn more about how language access affects your community – and how we can bring social justice to it. 

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