Interpretation equipment for conferences and events

Interpretation equipment for conferences and events

Interpretation equipment is needed for town halls, training programs, conferences, high-profile meetings, seminars, and large gatherings. We help you select the best interpretation equipment for your conferences and events. Most importantly, we ensure the equipment gets delivered, assembled, and operates correctly.

GLOBAL YNS specializes in facilitating simultaneous interpretation equipment and technologies. We provide you with the solutions you need to communicate your message to a wider audience no matter the languages. 

You can relax and enjoy an inclusive and engaging event with real-time interpretation and maximum participation provided by professional interpreters. We have in-house event tech directors, planners and experienced technicians available for any type of event. Our technicians are  highly experienced with training in the audio-visual fields. 


FM equipment
Portable interpretation equipment for a trilingual panel discussion


Global YNS is a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) by the Department of Small and Local Business Development. We are based in Washington, DC. From here, we take care of the language needs of international organizations, embassies, multilateral organizations, nonprofits, U.S. agencies, The US Capitol, and Congress. Our technicians and event producers are familiar with all the National Capital Region’s venues and facilities. We meet with our clients from the outset to understand their needs and craft personalized language solutions for them and their audiences taking all aspects of their event into consideration.

It is important to remember that some D.C. venues require clearance and strict security protocols. Our technicians understand the vehicle inspection process of buildings such as the Congress, the White House, the Pentagon, the Library of Congress, the Kennedy Center, the Wilson Center, Smithsonian museums, and several military bases, among others. The equipment inspection must be completed the day before the event and technicians must bring the equipment and van to a designated access point as directed by the Off-site Delivery Center. All vehicles are subject to 100%  inspections. 

Interpreting Equipment Options

Global YNS Simultaneous interpreting rental solutions include:

  • Full size soundproof booths 
  • Tabletop booths
  • Bosch Integrus digital infrared (for conferences and high profile meetings
  • Williams sound Audio consoles 
  • Wireless headsets and receivers
  • Portable audio devices for small events and tours (for community events)
  • Senior conference and simultaneous interpreters in more than 50 languages, certified interpreters
  • Interpretation equipment technicians, tech assistants, and planners

Portable FM Equipment

Each interpreter uses a transmitter with a lapel mic. Each monolingual attendee listens to the interpretation through dedicated headphones. Our interpreters are trained and know how to operate FM equipment. FM equipment is recommended for community interpreting and  small meetings in private locations where no other audio equipment is being used. 

Wireless portable equipment

BOSCH Infrared Equipment - Secure digital infrared solution

Bosch is the world-class interpretation equipment. This equipment produces crystal-clear incoming audio and suffers no interference. It is equipment used by all U.S. agencies, multinational organizations, State Department, and embassies. The Bosch infrared wireless system offers excellent sound quality and freedom of movement for conference participants. Up to 32 channels can be distributed, and high security is ensured as infrared cannot pass through walls. It can accommodate direct and relay interpretations and has facilities to create 31 interpreter booths.  A technician is required and installation/setup is recommended the night before the event.  


Infrared Equipment
Infrared Equipment
Infrared Equipment

Table-tops and full-size booths

Professional interpreters work from fully enclosed booths or tabletops which isolates them from ambient noises that may cause interruption of their concentration. Interpreters can only interpret what they hear properly, booths and tabletops promote the quality and accuracy of the interpreting services.

Booth or tabletop provides acoustic separation between the interpreters and the conference participants, allowing for a respectful, professional, and comfortable working environment. Hearing the interpreters speaking in a different language while someone is presenting is very annoying and distracting. Booths and tabletops enable interpreters to maintain the intense effort of concentration required to interpret accurately and reduce the sound of their voices, creating no disturbance to the audience or other interpreters in other booths. 

Tabletop simultaneous interpreting
Standard Booth set
Standard Booth set

Hybrid Conferences

Additional equipment is needed —Computers with cameras, mics, video switcher, screens, and technician. The client may provide computers with cameras and mics for the online platform (Webex, ZOOM, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams). Wired internet is required for Hybrid conferences. Using a Wi-Fi network or sharing bandwidth may cause problems. You need an adequate wired internet for streaming content and handling complex demands, like video playback and audio.

Portable equipment for hybrid conferences

We are happy to recommend what works best for your event based on your needs and budget. We will help you decide what type of equipment meets the needs of your audience and venue. Depending on the venue, equipment installation and setup are recommended the night before the event to ensure proper setup.

Do not procrastinate!  It is wise to contact us from the start. We help you design the best system for your meeting and select interpreters with the right experience.Contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.

Portable FM Equipment
full size interpreting booth
Encourage Multilingual Spaces
Interpretation Equipment for Conferences
Interpretation Equipment for Conferences
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