The Benefits Of Certified Document Translation Services

The Benefits Of Certified Document Translation Services

Translation refers to the conversion of written information from one language to another language. In situations where the translation must be accurate, using certified document translation services from Global YNS provides you with peace of mind.

The Process of Accurate Translations

There are eleven different steps in our certified document translation process. These steps are completed in a specific order to guarantee that the translation is accurate and that the concept, style, and tone of the translation are faithful to the message conveyed in the original or source document.

At Global YNS, all our translation services are completed by human translators. We do not use machines or artificial intelligence to complete translations. In addition, the final proofreading of the translated document is completed by a native speaker of the target language. This step ensures that the translated document is accurate to the source, correct in tone, style, and free from errors. 

The Advantages

Accuracy in the message of any document, including legal forms, contracts, agreements, transcriptions, and other types of written information, is why most companies and individuals choose certified document translation services. 

Each document is certified by Global YNS. This certification is typically required on any legally binding documents. It is increasingly used by businesses and individuals to ensure the precise transmission of the text and the intent and style of the documents. 

We provide certified document translation services completed by humans, we say no to machine translation. Our approach is personalized and relies on continuous communication with the client. With every translation project, we assess your needs and gather relevant information.

We ensure your documents are translated accurately, both from a linguistic and technical point of view, and that the translated content adheres to industry guidelines and standards. We record project details and develop glossaries for the purpose of traceability and follow-up. For more information, call us at 202-241-8471 or request a quote.

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