Make A Good Impression With Website Language Localization

Make A Good Impression With Website Language Localization

When someone first visits your website, they gain an impression of your company in a matter of seconds. Today nor than ever, it is essential to create a website accessible to people in different countries, and a simple translation of your website is just not enough. At Global YNS, we provide website language localization services to help you make the best first impression possible.

According to research firm IDC, web users are four times more likely to purchase from a company that communicates in their own language. Additionally, visitors to websites stay twice as long on sites that are available in their native tongue”
The Forrester Research

Website language localization is the process of modifying a website for a specific audience according to the goals and needs of the client. Building a multilingual website means having clear goals and a  defined international marketing strategy. These goals will define what the next website stands for and what should be achieved with the new language version.

Website language localization is not as simple as straight translation. There are many variables to consider. The process starts off with a localization strategy that will be executed by our certified translators and local advisers to make your business look good to potential customers with different cultural sensibilities. A website localization project is done in collaboration between localization experts, web designers, and programmers. 

Why Translation Is Not Enough

Some companies mistake running the text from their site through basic translation and think it is sufficient for an international audience. As a result, the website’s content gets lost on translation, and your company comes off as unprofessional.

Website language localization goes beyond simply translating text. We adapt your website into a specific language. We optimize your content to relate to the cultural references of your target audience to make them feel as if it was written for them. Your message is customized to grab your audience’s attention while reflecting the core values of your organization.

Tone, for instance, an informal tone is almost taken for granted in English, and addressing your audience as Sir and Madam might sound a little weird. German, French and Japanese are quite the opposite. A familiar tone might come off as rude with those audiences. Market-specific issues can be subtle yet make all the difference with the cultural sensitivities of your audience. Take date-pickers. In the US, date-pickers are displayed as MM-DD-YYYY, whereas in most European countries the day precedes the month (DD-MM-YYYY).

Go The Extra Mile to Uphold Professionalism

Many US companies make the mistake of assuming that their customers are English speakers. While it is true that many people in other countries can understand the content on a website written in English, a non-localized website shows a lack of appreciation and respect for the target market and local audiences.

With professional website language localization, you effectively send a message to your foreign audience: that they are essential to your business and that you are willing to go the extra mile to make their experience with your brand as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

To find out how Global YNS can help optimize your website to appeal to your international audience, contact us today at 1-202-241-8471. 

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