AIDSWatch 2024

AIDSWatch 2024

AIDSWatch 2024 We're in this together

English⇄Spanish Conference interpreting
American Sign Language (ASL)

March 17-19, 2024

AIDSWatch, hosted by AIDS United in partnership with the U.S. People Living with HIV Caucus and the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation, is the largest constituent-led HIV advocacy event in the country. For 31 years, those of us living with HIV and our allies have advocated on the state, local and national level for the policies that will end the HIV epidemic. As we look toward the upcoming election cycle, we continue this advocacy work, prioritizing policies related to quality of life, health care access, civil rights, aging with HIV, HIV decriminalization and federal funding.

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Onsite Language Interpretation
American Sign Language
Interpretation Equipment, Williams Sound Audiovisual Equipment
Interpretation Equipment, full size booth with full transmission package