Testimonials Team


I have worked with YNS for many years now. This company really respects freelance interpreters and it is always focused on the quality of the service provided. I must say, the interpreter’s team is one of the most talented and professional that I have worked with. Company leadership is very committed and organizes general meetings regularly to share experiences and best practices between interpreters and staff. YNS respects interpretation fees and they are always there to support you. YNS is a great interpretation company.

Carlos Osuna / Interpreter


I enjoy working with YNS. It is an agency that values our work and supports us. There is good communication between team members which makes our work much more enjoyable! YNS is an agency that is committed to focusing on helping and being available to families. As interpreters, we are helping our clients to understand what is being said clearly, demonstrating compassion, patience, and professionalism.

Maria Frankel / Interpreter


I have been working with YNS since the company was created by one of my colleagues, Laura Castro. I am a freelance interpreter and I always pick whom I work with. The companies that I choose to work with are decided by how well they treat their interpreters and how they prioritize their clients. I met the founder when she was working as a fellow interpreter so I know that she is fair and honest with how she treats her team. In experience in working with YNS, I know that they have great standards towards clients and interpreters.

Carlos Mendez / Interpreter


When I was asked to join the YNS team, I had no hesitation. As an independent contractor, I have contracts with several national and international agencies. Global YNS is a minority, woman-owned agency. Its owner has worked in this community for many years. She knows and understands the needs and importance of bridging the communication gap while delivering language justice for all the parties.

Johanna Marquina / Interpreter


I have worked as a freelance translator and interpreter for YNS for five years, and I definitely enjoy working with an agency that values crafting quality work in the translation and interpretation profession. I work as an ATA-certified contracted translator for YNS and enjoy the collaborative feedback of working with managing member Laura Castro. It’s really a pleasure to work with a company that knows the industry and provides superior language services.

Ryan Kelly / Interpreter


As a freelance interpreter I take pride in the companies I work for. These have to reflect high organization standards, work ethics, and above all commitment to the families they are supporting. YNS represents these values and provides the best practices and on-going support to the interpreters to be up to date in the field. The company’s leadership is based in mutual respect which makes it a great organization to work for.

Carmen Baba / Interpreter


It is a real pleasure to work with such a professional team of interpreters at YNS. What I appreciate the most is the fact that people—whether the clients that we serve or the interpreters themselves—are always at the core of YNS. From my colleague interpreters to the top management, I always receive all the necessary support to perform my job at the highest level of quality possible.

German Campoy / Interpreter